Composition - 023


  • Fabric: 100% Lenzig Viscose
  • Buttons: 100% Mother of Pearl
  • Labels: 100% Cotton
  • Interlining: 100% Cotton
  • Sewing Threads: 100% Polyester

LENZIG Viscose fibers are made from renewable cellulose soft-wood crop by an environmentally responsible integrated pulp-to-fiber process, which is self-sufficient in energy and recovers co-products from component parts of the wood. These fibres are biodegradable, compostable and responsibly sourced. The buttons are made of beautiful, natural mother of pearl from Brazil. Each one is beautifully unique.


 Hand Wash

 Dry clean

 Iron on low heat

 Hang to dry


  • Ecolabel


Made in Brazil.

All components are produced at local factories and mills.

Viscose fibres produced by Lenzig in Austria. Everything else sourced from Brazil.