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Our Story

We set out on a mission to design clothes specifically for Petite frames, adjusting all lengths and propotions. Clothes produced sustainably, with a purpose. But above all, clothing so beautiful women will ask "Does this come in Regular?"


We believe in doing good when we look good. That's why our fabrics are natural, biodegradable or certified. Sometimes all three. And our production is through small groups of seamstresses in São Paulo, where we aim to support the local economy and labour.

Petite, Please!

Petite fashion caters to women 5'3 and under. This is done by carefully adjusting pattern proportions when producing garments. Petite clothes have adjusted proportions to ensure a better fit for smaller frames, not just shorter lengths. Our clothes run in sizes 6-12.

Time To Explore

From dresses, to trousers, coats, skirts and everything in between. We've got you covered. Petite perfection? Let's dive in.