Our Story

Our Founder

Júlia (5'2)

I like reading, doing yoga in the park and my Uber rating is 4.9. I have long dreamt of buying clothes that fit me. Clothes that were beautiful, quality and timeless. Not fast fashion. Not the kids' section. As a 5'2 woman, I have plenty of experience being Petite. A lifetime of hemming trousers and struggling to reach the top shelf.

I left my job in Finance in 2022 to work on building this dream. To turn the idea of designer Petite clothing into a reality. To empower Petite women everywhere. To help Petites build their dream closet.

About Us

Welcome To Piccoli

Piccoli is the home of designer fashion for women 5'3 and under. 

It is our mission to empower Petite women everywhere with clothing so beautiful your friends will ask "does this come in Regular?"

We spend a long time refining our sizing and updating our patterns to flatter and complement Petite frames. Our pieces are especially designed to elongate and elevate your look, with careful attention to garment length and proportions.


Small Clothes, Big Impact

From the fabrics to the buttons and labels, most materials we use are biodegradable, undyed or certified. Sometimes all three.

Clothes shouldn't harm the planet, or pile up at landfills. We provide a full breakdown of your garment's premium components in our shop pages.

Every Stitch Has A Story

Our Suppliers

We source our fabrics from certified suppliers with a focus on sustainability. We prioritize local raw materials from Brazilian factories, located close to our manufacturing. This helps to reduce our carbon footprint and support the local economy. Whenever we're in Brazil, we like to pop in to visit our suppliers (like this one here!) to ensure our standards continue to be met.

Our Manufacturing

Our manufacturing employs a wide range of people in Brazil. Our garments are stitched by small groups of seamstresses in the city of São Paulo. We have a local team for quality control and packaging for export, and a development team who help us sample and fit our pieces. We work with local creatives, photographers, models and logistics professionals.

Our Commitments

Sustainability goes beyound our garments. The Amazon generates c.20% of the world’s oxygen, is home to over 40,000 plant species and 1 in 10 animal species. We rely on the forest for our oxygen, our biodiversity and the future of our planet. Deforestation is a fact. We help keep our forests alive by planting 1 tree in the Amazon for each sale we make.

Our Collections

"Does this come in Regular?"

Tired of hemming trousers, altering dresses and shopping in the kids' section? Meet Piccoli, the brand offering a curated selection of designer Petite clothing in the finest of materials. Need a skirt, dress, coat or trousers tailored to your proportions? We got you.