Composition - 007 / 010


  • Fabric: 56% Viscose, 24% Linen, 20% Silk
  • Buttons: 100% Corozo Seeds
  • Labels: 100% Cotton
  • Sewing Threads: 100% Polyester

100% Natural, soft, biodegradable fibre blends from certified producers weaved in Petrópolis, a town in southeastern Brazil. The dye is biodegradable and water-soluble. The buttons are crafted from seeds of a tree native to the Amazon raiforest.


 Hand wash

 Hang to dry

 Iron on low heat

 Dry clean


  • Azo Free 
  • FSC
  • European Flax


Made in Brazil.

All components are produced at local factories and mills, except the buttons which are produced in Portugal.

Fibre sourced from Brazil, China, France, Belgium, the Netherlands. Corozo sourced from Ecuador. Everything else sourced from Brazil.