Why We Offer Easy Resale

We know you love your Piccoli trousers. But what happens when you get bored, or need a wardrobe revamp?

Why Are We Offering Easy Resale?

We've all been there. A fast-fashion brand announces a new resale programme, or eco-friendly initiative, and we all get sceptical. The fashion industry is rife with greenwashing scandals. Just last month, an investigation uncovered that fashion giant H&M was using its "Close the Loop" recycling scheme as a guise to dump fashion waste in wastelands in West Africa.

But circularity isn't just trendy. It's important. 

At the inception of Piccoli, we strived to make garments that created near-to-zero waste at the end-of-life. These were 90%+ biodegradable garments featuring biodegradable seed buttons, and natural fibre fabrics. 

In theory, this approach made sense to us. We were reducing the amount of plastic in circulation, and leaving a smaller footprint with our clothes.

In practice, however, the truth was slightly twisted. We learnt from our customers that certain non-biodegradable components just made sense. You wanted trousers with zippers, for instance, that had a snugger fit. Or a bit of stretch to your jeans to make them comfy. You got more wear out of clothes designed to prioritize your fit and comfort, than from clothes designed to prioritize the environment. And so, we asked ourselves, what is the real definition of sustainability?

With experience and data, came change. We shifted our mindset to encompass a more realistic view of sustainability. The most sustainable clothes you can own are not the ones you can most easily dispose of - but the ones you won't want to ever get rid of. The ones you wear everyday, with everything.

You wear them because they fit you like a glove. They are comfortable, well-made, high-quality items that look good, flatter your body, and feel amazing. These are timeless, high-quality, basic pieces, made of premium fabrics by skilled seamstresses. These are clothes designed to fit you to perfection.

But these are not necessarily biodegradable pieces. And so, with that in mind, how can we - as a sustainability-minded business - help to reduce the impact our pieces have on the universe?

Introducing Continue - the resale platform facilitating another end-of-life solution. 

We hope you love your Piccoli purchases. We make them timeless and premium, so you can wear them all the time. Non-stop, to any occasion. We make them fit you. We make them look fantastic. But eventually, we know you may want to part ways. Change is inevitable.

So now, when you do, we are making it easier than ever for you to resell your Piccoli


How Does Our Resale Work?

We have partnered up with Continue, a cutting edge resale platform that is dedicated to amplifying sustainability in the fashion industry, whilst making it easier than ever for consumers to shop and sell pre-loved fashion.

Here's our step-by-step guide to Piccoli's official resale (powered by Continue):


  1. Download the Continue app.
  2. Sync your Piccoli purchases straight to your wardrobe. This will happen automatically when you sign up to Continue using the same email as your purchases on our site.
  3. Get your digital wardrobe history. Once you've synched your purchases to the app, you will get a full breakdown of product histories for each item you've bought. These will keep being updated every time you sell an item - allowing you to follow the product's lifecycle for more trust and transparency - and giving your future buyers an honest snapshot of product age and sale history.
  4. Sell your items with the swipe of a finger. That's right! No need to upload photos, descriptions, sizes, categories, colours... This info is pulled automatically from our website, and filled in for you! Think of all the time you'll save. Resale has never been this easy - and now there is no excuse not to do it!
  5. Get paid by the app. You'll make some extra cash whilst helping us make fashion more circular - a win-win for all of us!
  6. See an estimated resale value before you make a purchase. We now offer you a widget that gets you an estimated resale value before you make a purchase. This helps you to make more informed, sustainable purchasing decisions - and makes the whole process that little bit less mysterious.
Fancy checking it out? Take a look at the Continue app, or browse our product pages to learn more about the potential resale value of your pieces. 



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