Top 5 Petite Styling Tips

Can clothes make you look taller? What if we said that yes, yes they can? Here are our top 5 tips for Petite styling...

1. Rule of Thirds

It was the ancient Greeks who first discovered the Golden Mean Ratio.

As a rule of thumb, our eyes find things most appealing when they are divided into 2/3 and 1/3. This works for photography, interiors, and fashion. 

Wear outfits that do not cut you into 1/2 and 1/2 to appear longer. Instead, opt for combinations where one third of the outfit is up top, or on the bottom by wearing high-waisted bottoms, and being careful with hem lengths.

Mini skirts with oversized blazers, high-rise trousers with tucked in tops, cropped or super long coats all work really well.


2. Necklines 


There are two options that flatter you most. Either super high, full-coverage necklines (turtlenecks, halters) or low-cut skin-showing cuts (deep V-necks).

Why? Any time you show skin, this has a lengthening effect as it creates space, and removes the effect of "drowning in clothes". This tip also works for ankles & wrists. Wearing cropped trousers, or rolling up sleeves can have a lengthening effect.

Conversely, a high-neck creates a longer, uninterupted, line. This also makes your neck and torso appear longer, which in turn makes you look taller.


3. Colour Block


Pairing clothes that are all the same colour, or similar tonal colours, helps create one longer line of sight. 

The longer the block of colour, the longer you will appear. This also applies to layering, accessories, scarves and shoes

Tonal colours include, for instance, a deep brown acorn, paired with a browny, pinky copper. Or a white blouse, with undyed jeans.


4. The Right Shoe


Needless to say, a heel helps. Even a tiny one.

But there are other ways to create length without adding height.

Pointed toe shoes are the most flattering. If you're wearing a skirt, dress, or cropped trousers to show some ankle (very flattering!) pair with non-strappy, open-top shoes. Straps cut your legs visually. Matching shoes to your skin tone makes them disappear - creating more length. 


5. Shape Matters


The most elongating outfits have slim shapes without too many frills.

Cinched waits, a-line or straight skirts or dresses and long coats all create illusion of length. 

Be smart with layering - opt for slim, body-hugging underlayers to avoid bulk, keeping the shape slim.

Don't go full oversized. Pair larger tops with slim bottoms, and tuck it in or belt at the waist. Conversely, wide-leg trousers pair best with body-hugging tops


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