The Best Skirts to Suit Petites

Struggling to find the perfect skirt? When it comes to Petites, the most flattering skirts are those that create a long, lean silhouette. The secret is - there are a number of ways to achieve this miracle. Curious how? Here are our top tips:

Opt for Asymmetrical Shapes

Asymmetrical hems or shapes are an easy way to make skirts interesting for Petite women without adding ruffles or tiers, which can add bulk to the body, and therefore be less flattering.

Search for Slits

Midi skirts can be intimidating to wear as a Petite - the length hits mid-calf, which could make your legs look stunted. At the same time, midi is one of the coolest, most versatile lengths, which transitions from formal to casual wear. Looking to wear midi as a Petite? Look for slits. A side slit, in particular, is super flattering for Petites. Showing some skin makes your legs seem longer and leaner, whilst the slit stops you from looking like you're drowning in fabric.


Don't Shy Away from Minis

By far one of THE most flattering lengths for Petites, a true Petite mini needs to be a staple in your wardrobe immediately. For a mini skirt to make your legs look long and lean, make sure the hem comes at least 3 inches above your knee, as this will keep your proportions looking right, and won't cut your at an awkward angle. They work with heels, with sneakers, with flats - and even with boots for winter.
For the best fit, opt for a high-waisted, asymmetrical mini skirt - the absolute gold mine (and we have one that just fits the bill! Have you seen our Mooca mini?)

Stick to Slim Silhouettes

Puffy skirts, or shapes that grow out horizontally can be really unflattering for Petites. To balance our your body, look for slim, simple silhouettes which will create a longer vertical line of sight, and thus make you look more in proportion. 
Whilst a body-con skirt isn't for everyone, and can be quite unflattering for a lot of body-types, a slim body-hugging skirt is a universally flattering option. Look for fabrics that have a light stretch and show off your curves, but don't cling aggressively to your body. These will look cool and elegant, without appearing too trashy.

Shop Petite... 

Needless to say, a skirt designed especially for Petites will give you a much better fit than one designed for Regular heights. Is it just shorter? In short, no. A Petite skirt will have been especially designed to account for the proportions of a Petite body, with all dimensions adjusted. From shorter hems, to adjusted waists, to overall more comfortable fits. Petite clothes even have smaller pockets to look better on you... So when looking for a perfect skirt, look for Petite.

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