The Best Jeans For Short Women

What to look for when you're shopping for jeans as a Petite?

Finding the perfect pair of jeans can be a daunting task, especially for Petite women. However, with the right knowledge and guidance, you can easily find a pair to flatter you. So here are the things to look for when you're shopping:

1. The Inseam

The inseam refers to the measurement of the inside leg length of a pant. This number will vary from person to person, but in general, Petites will require shorter inseams than Regular and Tall women. The ideal inseam length also depends on the style of trousers you're wearing - a wide leg, flared or bootcut jean will look better with longer inseams than a straight leg, baby flare or mom jean. The rationale is that some styles are more flattering when they cover the foot, whilst others sit better at or above the ankle. 

Here are some general rules-of-thumb for Petite inseams. It's worth testing different lengths to see what works best for you:

Many Regular cropped jeans have an inseam longer than 26", which may mean that even cropped Regular jeans are still too long for many Petites.

2. The Rise

A higher rise can create the illusion of longer legs, making you appear taller. However, for extra-Petite women (5'0 and under), a high-rise could actually shrink your torso and make you look stunted. In this case, try mid-rise jeans instead.

In general, a high- or mid-rise jean will elongate your silhouette much more than a low-rise jean. Higher rises also help to prevent the jeans from sagging or sliding down, ensuring a comfortable fit and preventing the dreaded muffin top.

3. The Cut

Petites can look great in most jeans styles, from straight-leg or bootcut jeans, to wide-leg or flared jeans.

Avoid very cropped jeans (note: if your jeans have an inseam shorter than 23" they may shorten you considerably, for many Petites, not considering extra-Petites - anything shorter than 21" is definitely a no-no) and "bunched-up" jeans (if you're wearing straight-leg or skinny jeans with an inseam too big for you, there will be a "bunching" of fabric at the bottom, that is very unattractive). 

In general, slimmer styles will flatter Petite frames more than baggy cuts, as these help to balance out your proportions, but it all depends on how you style the look. A pair of well-fitting high-rise wide-leg jeans looks great with a body-hugging crop top, for instance.

4. The Fabric

Jeans will be higher-quality, feel nicer and be more visually appealing if they contain a high cotton mix. 100% cotton denim is sturdy, and has no stretch. This can look fantastic for looser, or straight-leg styles, but it won't give you a sculpted or body-hugging look. 

Always check the fabric composition of your jeans - a small amount of elastane or Lycra (1-2%) will give stretch, but still allow the jeans to return to their natural shape. These jeans will be slightly stretchy, and able to mould themselves to fit your body, without clinging too tightly. 

High percentages of elastane, lycra or polyester will cheapen the appearance of the jean, and can make it look "shiny" or "plastic", and will make the jeans less breathable, comfortable and elegant.

5. The Weight

Not all denim is created equal. The lightest weight denim is between 5 – 12 oz, but different weights will sit differently on the body and move in different ways. Our blue jeans, for instance, are a light-weight denim (10.2 oz), whilst our ecru jeans are slightly heavier (12 oz). Our blue jeans will sit much closer to the body than the ecru, not only because they contain elastane (1%), but also because they are lighter, and therefore thinner. 

Play around with different denim weights and styles to see what you like, and what works better for different seasons or looks.

6. The Details

Well-designed Petite jeans will have smaller pockets, a shorter crotch and overall smaller detailing than Regular jeans. This helps to balance you out visually, helping to highlight your butt, and prevent sagging fabric at the front of your jeans. If you buy Regular jeans and hem them, these details will remain unchanged - so this is definitely something to be aware of!

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