Petite Celebrity Style - Gone Wrong

We often look to our favourite celebrities for inspiration. Tips for haircare, new makeup trends, or street style. But celebrities are human, too. And sometimes they get it wrong. Very wrong.

Here are 3 of our favourite Petite celebrities - showing us how NOT to do it:

Natalie Portman (5'3)

We love her clean cut and elegant style. She is often spotted wearing sharp tailoring and minimalist, boxy cuts. But here's proof that even a style-goddess can make mistakes. Her jeans here are far from ideal. They are too long, and end at an unflattering length. You can see that this pair is not made for Petites, with the knee placement and crotch length also appearing less-than-ideal. Matched with round-toe flats and a baggy, oversized blazer, this look appears frumpy and not put-together. Belting the jacket, switching to Petite jeans and wearing pointed-toe flats would have completely transformed her look!

Skinny-Jean Fans Are Going to Love Natalie Portman's Outfit | Who What Wear

Reese Witherspoon (5'3)

Reese so often gets it right that she is one major Petite style inspo. She has a distinctive classy, preppy style, and knows how to rock a denim. In fact, her style has such a following that she has released her own brand, Draper James. However, here's one time we think she missed the mark. She styled a loose, untucked top, with a loose, knee-length skirt. Overall, we think this look shrinks her - and doesn't highlight her best assets. We would have tucked the top into the high-waisted skirt. This would define her waist and help to balance her proportions. Alternatively, we would have opted for a body-hugging bodysuit. The length of the skirt is also wrong here. Petites look best with either long, midi or mini skirts. Knee length is the number 1 least flattering length for short girls. We would have swapped this out for a midi skirt, preferably with a slit.

Reese Witherspoon flashes her legs in floral skirt and sleeveless blouse |  Daily Mail Online


Lucy Liu (5'3)

We love her utilitarian, urban-chic style. She knows how to style a coat or blazer, and her boot game is on point. Usually. We weren't fans of her look for the Elle Canada cover shoot. The large top and wide bottom both stunt her, and make her seem shorter, and stumpier, than she is in reality. One of the two should have been slimmer, or more body hugging. The shape of these trousers, which effectively curve in mid-calf, are also unflattering. It gives the appearance that her legs end there, rather than at the foot. The contrasting ankle boots are also not a good move, and she would have looked better with shoes in the same shade as the trousers, or open-toe pumps.

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These girls are all major style inspirations. But sometimes they get it wrong, too. It can be hard to find your style when you're Petite - but luckily, we have a full guide to Petite styling right here. And a range of wonderful Petite clothes for you to shop from, designed by Petites, for Petites.


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