Jewellery Ideas for Petite Women: 5 Rules for Styling

Finding pieces that complement your frame and enhance your overall look can be a bit tricky as a Petite woman. But fear not! We have compiled a list of 5 rules that will help you navigate the world of jewellery and have you accessorising like a pro.

1. Size Matters

Small, delicate jewellery is your best friend as a Petite woman. Opt for dainty necklaces, thin bracelets, and small earrings. These pieces will not overpower your frame and will add a touch of elegance to your outfit. Avoid chunky or oversized jewellery, as it can make you appear smaller and overwhelmed.

We love the Nisia Earrings by Neena (£22), as these add elegance and texture without being bulky.

2. Choose Vertical Pieces

A lariat necklace is a Petite's best friend. By creating a vertical line for the eye to follow, you create the illusion of length. If you have a Petite neck, opt for a shorter necklace that sits higher on your collarbone, with a thin hanging lariat. By choosing proportional pieces, you will create a balanced and harmonious look.

This Crystal Lariat Necklace by Amyo (£85) is a perfect example.

3. Layer with Care

Layering jewellery can add depth and dimension to your outfit, but it's important to do it with care. Avoid layering too many pieces at once, as it can overwhelm your frame. Stick to two or three delicate pieces that complement each other. For example, you can layer a dainty short necklace with a longer pendant, or a thin bracelet and a stack of delicate rings. This will create a stylish and sophisticated look without overpowering your Petite frame.

This Leaf 3-Row Necklace by Orelia (£32) does the job for you - it comes pre-layered, making it super easy to style 3 dainty chains.

4. Pay Attention to Length

When it comes to necklaces and earrings, pay attention to the length. As a Petite woman, you want to create the illusion of length and elongation. Opt for longer necklaces that sit high on your collarbone or neck if they have no pendant. For vertical pendants, lariats or body chains, the longer the better. Similarly, choose earrings that elongate your neck, such as drop earrings or slim hoops. 

Body chains are long vertical necklaces, and can really elongate you - the Apheleia Body Chain by Aurore Havenne (£170) is one of our favourites. 

5. Keep the Details Higher Up

Opting for more intricate necklaces or earrings, and simpler bangles or rings, is a great way to draw the eye up - creating the illusion of length. For example, choose earrings with a bit of sparkle to draw attention to your face. Or play with colour in your earrings, but keep your bracelets plain.

These Kyklos Earrings by Mymosaa (£83) are handmade and super delicate. 

Remember, these rules are just guidelines. Ultimately, the most important thing is to wear jewellery that makes you feel confident and expresses your personal style. Experiment with different pieces and have fun with your accessories. After all, fashion is all about self-expression and embracing your unique beauty!


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