Hats For Petites - What To Look For

When it comes to wearing hats as a Petite, it's essential to consider proportions and balance. The following hat styles tend to suit petite women well:

Bucket Hats

Bucket hats are casual and versatile, and wonderful for Petites. Look for bucket hats with a shallow crown and a shorter brim to avoid overwhelming your proportions. As these are naturally smaller hats, they're more likely to work for you than the usual sun hats - plus, they give an instant relaxed, cool-girl vibe. 



We love the Inca Bucket by Lack of Colour. Not only is it made of natural fibres, it also boasts a gorgeous colour - and comes in a range of sizes and colours.


Berets are by nature small hats - they have no brim, so their proportions are more likely to flatter Petites. They add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any outfit, and are super easy to wear.

Light Natural


The Fay beret by Janessa Leoné is an absolute showstopper - it's super unique, and made out of natural raffia straw. You will really stand out from the crowd, and keep your head nice and cool. Probably the only way to wear a beret in summer, and a one-way ticket to cool-girl status. 

Panama Hats

Panama hats are similar to fedoras, but made of straw. Smaller-sized fedoras or panamas with a narrow brim work well with Petite frames. A slightly angled or asymmetrical brim can also be flattering, helping to create an elongating line. 


"El Campesino" Frayed Hat With Adjustable Ribbon


The Campesino Panama by SensiStudio is absolutely gorgeous, and the perfect accessory for the summer. We love the artisanal details that help keep the classic style fresh. Possibly the most modern take you'll see on a Panama.  


Another great option if you're Petite is a visor - by cutting out the back half of the item, you get a sun hat that offers protection, in a small scale. You can opt for different shapes, either a hat without the top (think, bucket, but chopped) or a traditional visor.


Poppy + Sage Straw Visor


The Straw Sun Visor by Poppy + Sage is a great shout. It comes handwoven in a range of colours and patterns, and easily fits into your suitcase (plus - it's an easy option that goes with everything without looking too made up - the straw equivalent of a cap!)


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