A Petite's Shoe Guide: Autumn Edition

Unsure what shoes to wear this autumn? Here's our guide to styling different shoes if you are Petite.

Note: for reference, I am 5'2 and wear sizes 6-8.

With Jeans

Slim jeans pair well with ankle boots. Think chelsea boots, or slim sock boots. The idea is to wear them under the jeans, so opting for jeans with a slight flare is a good idea. I'm wearing these baby-flare jeans that hit just above the ankle (24" inseam) - and you can see the length works really well with the boots. Pointed toe boots work best for this look.


With a Skirt

Ankle boots will cut your leg at an awkward angle, making them appear shorter. Unless you wear tights, that is. Tights can help reduce the colour contrast between your legs and the boot. Alternatively, pair a mini skirt with tall boots. The ideal length hits just below the knee. A taller shaft will overwhelm the look - but this length will look the most elegant. Here, I've paired it with an asymmetrical high-waisted mini in the most flattering length for Petites. The high waist makes it seem that my legs start higher up, lengthening me.


With Leggings

Leggings work with the majority of boot styles, offering a range of different looks. Here, I am pairing mine with over-the-knee boots. These work well as the boots are slim, and stick close to the body, creating a balanced silhouette. Note there is only a slight block heel here - I find that flat boots work best for Petites when they are over-the-knee, and paired with leggings. For heeled or stiletto boots, I often opt for under-the-knee varieties. Notice how I paired the look with a Petite oversized blazer. The bottom half is extremely slim and body-hugging. The oversized jacket helps balance me out and keeps the look classy.


With Wide-Leg Trousers

Sometimes you can't find the right boot. The colours don't match, the shapes look wrong, or you just can't seem to get the right aesthetic. Trainers are another great option for autumn. Opt for a pair in the same, or similar, shade to the trousers. This will help them blend into the fabric, giving the illusion of length. I've paired a high-waisted pair of wide-leg trousers with a simple blouse and white trainers. The high waist really helps to elongate me here - and the length of the trousers mean they won't drag on the floor, even with trainers! This is why Petite trousers work best with flat shoes, every time.


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