5 Surprising Perks of Being Petite

Being petite has its perks, and it's not just about fitting into Piccoli (though, we know, that's awesome). There's a whole host of advantages that come with being tiny. So, let's dive into the best things about being Petite!

1. You're Less Likely to Get Painful Knees

Seriously! Studies have shown a correlation between knee height and knee pain. So count yourself lucky - you're more likely to age with comfy knees as a Petite! Thought your tall friends were the lucky ones? Think again...

2. You're More Likely to Live Longer

With fewer body cells comes a lower likelihood of them mutating - with studies showing that shorter people are less likely to develop cancer than their taller counterparts. A larger body may also have to burn more energy, increasing the build-up of toxic by-products that could contribute to general wear and tear. Overall, studies show shorter people are more likely to outlive taller humans.

3. You're More Nimble

It takes less time for a nerve impulse to travel along smaller limbs, meaning you have a natural tendency towards faster reaction times! Your height is a secret weapon that makes certain exercises (ahem, not basketball) easier for you - think gymnastics, martial arts, snowboarding, skating, skiing and even diving! As a bonus, you're also likely to be less clumsy than your taller friends.

4. You're a Super Hot Female

One study found that men find shorter women to be “more nurturing and likely to be better mothers.” And that “men believed that shorter women were more considerate, nurturing and homely.” - what does this all mean? In short (ahem), men are less likely to feel intimidated by shorter women, and more likely to think of you as a suitable long-term partner. If this weren't enough, another study found that the majority of men prefer to date shorter women as they rank higher in perceived charm, feistiness and cuteness. Not to mention, men feel taller next to us (we knew it all came down to their fragile ego!) - so there you go.

5. You're the Right Height for... Everything 

Imagine all the money you've saved not needing to pay for extra legroom on planes... Not to mention the comfort! You fit comfortably into any plane, train or automobile. Not to mention cinema, theatre, any place with chairs... People love going places with you - you're incredible to share an Uber with (they can put the front seat right back), or to take out to dinner (you can share the smallest of tables). Not to mention - you're the perfect height to fit Piccoli. Now that's a real benefit right there...


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