10 Petite Influencers You Need To Follow Right Now

Ever seen a cute outfit on IG and wondered "would this fit me?" - don't worry, us too. It's not every style, nor every brand or every piece that works for Petite frames. 

This is why we have scoured the internet to bring you our comprehensive guide to Petite influencers - a list of incredible women you can follow for outfits fit to your stature. Yes, to short women. No, to falling short on style.


We love her neutral outfits, interior decor and layering. Besides impeccable style, her handy styling tips and tricks are what every Petite needs.



The Petite to follow for holiday style inspo. Her feed is perfectly colour-coordinated, her outfits carefully curated and her travel advice is on point.



Her style is so flawless and carefully put together, her feed so aesthetically pleasing... Follow her for effortlessly cool style, that never feels try-hard.




We adore her Youtube channel (go check it out!) but her IG offers us wonderful tiny snippets of her content. Genuine Petite suggestions, reviews and more.




There aren't enough influencers championing sustainability, but Charlotte is a true gem. Her style is beautiful, and so are her ethics. What's not to love?



Her outfits always look simultaneously effortless, elegant and elongating. She works a mix of fancy pieces into a carefully curated collection of basics. We love.




Genuinely wearable, practically stylish outfits. We want to copy every single one of her looks - and we trust her style fully and completely.




A mix of cool-girl and romantic style, we love every outfit she comes up with. Feel your feed with her aesthetic shots and dreamy videos, for extra inspo.




Every single outfit Karen throws together looks 100% comfortable, wearable and stylish. She knows what flatters a Petite frame, and we're learning a thing or two.




She styles great looks, and offers a tonne of content on runway styles, new brand launches and fashion news. It's not just inspo, it's education.



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