10 Best Christmas gifts for Literally Everyone in Your Life in 2023


Christmas is just around the corner, and it's time to start thinking about the perfect gifts for your loved ones. Whether you're shopping for family, friends, or colleagues, finding the right gift can be a challenge. But fear not! We've compiled a list of the 11 best Christmas gifts that are sure to please literally everybody in your life in 2023. So, let's dive in and find the perfect presents - all from independent brands you have probably never heard of... but are sure to love!

1. For Your Mom

Loop Chain Bracelet by Natalia Willmott, £115

This piece is one of a kind. Just like your mom. The gold-plated bronze loop chain bracelet features loops that have each been hammered with a unique design. It was handmade in Paris and has a story as gorgeous as its design. She won't forget this one for a while...

2. For Your Boyfriend / Fiancé / Husband / Situationship

Silk Chiffon Babydoll Nightgown by Ariane Delarue, £342

But really, it's for you. Adorned with exquisite French silk Chantilly lace at the cups, this little number exudes an enchanting charm. It is both sexy, and sweet. The perfect piece to give to that special someone, because you wish they'd give it to you.

3. For Your Daughter

Nena Chelsea Boots by Eijk, £260

A good pair of shoes that goes with everything. Made to last forever. And a reason for her to think of you every time she puts them on. These boots are crafted from soft black calf leather, and feature the comfiest 6cm heel - they may look like stilettos from the back, but it's an optical illusion! Who knew mom was this hip...

4. For Your Sister

Sanchi Trousers by Fransje Sophie, £156

The one with the high-flying job, who has always been there for you. Here's a gift that's bold, dependable and super cool - just like her. These trousers are crafted from a bamboo viscose and recycled polyester blend with a twill finish and pressed creases. She can wear them anywhere.

5. For Your Mother-in-Law

Athena Gold Cuff Bracelet by Yan Neo, £85

A handmade piece cast from brass and finished with 24 karat gold plating. This bracelet is a statement piece that exudes both elegance and style. You just can't go wrong with this, it will impress every mother-in-law out there. Want to get in her good books? Give her this...

6. For Your Cousin

Hollow Earrings by Matcha Paris, £39

The one who's always after the cool new thing. She knows the trends, she wears them. Here's a piece she won't have seen before, crafted from upcycled wood, Piñatex (pineapple leather) and cork leather. It's different and edgy, and no-one she knows has one. She will be impressed, we guarantee. 

7. For Your Festival Buddy

Upcycled Paraglider Bumbags by Miolento, £52

They've got tickets to all the gigs. They're oh-so-cool, stylish and fun. So are these. These bumbags are made from upcycled paragliders. They're lightweight and water-repellent, and have an inner pocket to hold all your valuables. Exactly what your friend needed.

8. For Your Jetsetter Friend

Canaima One-Piece Swimsuit by Curalli, £97

Instagram tells you they're in Ibiza one moment, and Mykonos the next. They woke up in Miami but are dining in St Tropez. You can't keep track, but you can gift them well. Here's a fun one-piece they can throw in their suitcase and jet around in - the top and bottoms are attached so they never have to worry about forgetting one! And the print, too, is definitely Instagram worthy.

9. For Your Nan

Lambswool Scarf by Renata Knitwear, £75

A luxurious lambswool scarf in a timeless print. So cozy and elegant, this is a timeless piece that will keep her both warm and chic. This scarf is crafted from premium yarns, and made to last. Just like giving your nan a nice warm hug.

10. For Yourself

Ecru Straight-Leg Jeans by Piccoli, £90

The most important gift on your list - you! Treat yourself to a pair of jeans that fits you like a glove. You'll wear it daily, from the office to dinner with friends. It's a super versatile piece that is both timeless and practical. It goes with everything you own and instantly elevates your style. You'll thank yourself later.


With these Christmas gifts, you're sure to find something for literally everybody in your life. And you'll support small businesses, too. Each one of these gifts is lovingly made by an independent woman-owned business from around the world. And they're all gorgeous.


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